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Re: Was Uhura a linguist?

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I've got to agree with you guys about Uhura. For her to be where she was, she had to be all of those things. I believe that alot of the new stuff came from Nichelle Nichols herself. How do we get that scene from TUC striken from canon.
Yes, Nichelle Nichols has long claimed that Uhura was originally supposed to be a skilled linguist:

According to the biography Gene and I developed for my character, Uhura was more than an intergalactic phone operator. As head of Communications, she commanded a corps of largely unseen communications technicians, linguists, and other specialists who worked in the bowels of Enterprise, in the "comm-center". A linguistics scholar and a top graduate of Starfleet Academy, she was a protege of Mr. Spock, whom she admired for his daring, his intelligence, his stoicism, and especially for his logic.
(Beyond Uhura, 144-145)

She didn't like the "Uhura can't speak Klingon" scene in TUC. According to her, Uhura was first supposed to give a speech in Klingon, but they wanted to add more humor to the movie, so they scrapped it and replaced it with the humorous scen of Uhura looking for the right word in Klingon.
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