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Re: Was Uhura a linguist?

IMO the idea of a communications officer who depends entirely on the translator is useless. We've met several aliens for whom the UT doesn't function. What would the TOS crew have done had they met one (in a canon episode or movie)?
You mean like the Gorn, or Vaal? Apparently, in the 2260s, there's a standard alternative to communicating with words. And usually, it's in Sulu's fingertips, not Uhura's...

And isn't calling nuUhura a totally different person to Uhura Prime completely missing the point of STXI?
Hmh? The movie did its damnedest to give us the same McCoy we loved and hated from TOS, and more or less the same Spock. They gave us a different Uhura, and a slightly different Kirk, and played the middle ground with Chekov and Scotty. Hardly a trend in either direction, certainly not one amounting to a "point".

Timo Saloniemi
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