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Re: Iron Man 2 - Grading & Discussion Thread (spoilers guaranteed)

I voted 'Above Average' but it was just above average. Quite disappointing.

The original was funny, witty, punchy and fast moving. This one started well but lost its way soon after Rourke escaped from prison, not picking up again until very near the end. Justin Theroux's screenplay was all over the place; who thought that the scene were Tony and Rhodey destroyed Tony's house was actually funny? Not me.

Samuel L Jackson was playing Sam Jackson, not Nick Fury; he was playing for laughs, not as a badass. And Sam Rockwell gave perhaps the first performance of his career that didn't have me wondering why he isn't a bigger star. IM was sidelined for much of the movie and Mickey Rourke spent most of his time soldering and tinkering. I was heartily sick of the Stark Expo by the end and Danko was disposed of much too quickly in the end.

And what happened to the AC/DC soundtrack? Two f*cking songs?!

This felt more like the typical muddled 3rd movie (X3, Spider-man 3, Blade Trinity) than the usual triumphant 2nd one (X2, The Dark Knight, Spider-man 2, Blade 2 etc). Some highlights made up for it, such as the IM-War Machine-Drones showdown, Scarlett in that outfit and the fight at Monaco, but all in all, not what I was hoping for.
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