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Re: Iron Man 2 - Grading & Discussion Thread (spoilers guaranteed)

I saw the film yesterday It was great and really kicked some serious ass
Heres some random commentary about the film by me:
  • First of all, the casting and acting was great. I was happy to see so many faces from returning from the first film. Im glad they gave the role of Rhodes to Don Cheadle. He was much better in the role.
  • There some great and witty dialogue, to all of the characters.
  • Almost everything was bigger, better and louder than in the first film.
  • Humour worked very well, and the jokes where well written and the humour didint seem forced nor stupid (Makers of Transformers 2, take notes!)
  • Action was wonderful and joy to watch...I mean in this film they kicked some serious ass. The special effects where mostly very well done and where there to support the action, rather than to rule the whole movie.
  • Im glad they gave Pepper some more screentime. The character nicely balances the tendencies. Other female roles wherent so memorable. Mainly hot babes A, B, C, D..and so on.
  • Scarlett was fine in her role, though she didint have much to do in the first half of the film, except to look good in tight skirts and dresses and play an assistant. But when her character went to the kick-ass mode, that was a sight to very cool. I hope the character gets the spin-off film they talked about at some point, or feature her in the third Iron Man, because her character needs to fleshed out more.
  • Villains where fine, though Vanko was bit one dimensional and his motives of revenge where bit too simple..albeit common in the comic book world. Rourke did good job in the role.
  • The music was fine, though I liked the score of the first film more. The songs featured however where well chosen.
In Overall the film was great, entertainin and fun comic book action movie. Its not maybe the best film ever made but its much better than, for exsample the Spider-Man trilogy.
So, I recommend you all go and see it
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