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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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But as you found out, the only way to fit such an impulse engine into the saucer is to lower deck 5 by about 5' and while this could work, it makes for an awfully tall deck!
Agreed, Mytran - I was heading in this direction myself until I thought maybe a test fitting might be in order - d'oh!

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If you go by what we see on the show, the ceiling is actually curved on both sides:

Unfortunately, after trying to match this scene, it turns out we're looking at the back of the machinery that evil Kirk is climbing on and the ceiling curve we see is actually the one over the control panel walls (on the left side if you're looking into the room from the entrance). It turns out this episode we don't get to see the ceiling curve for the other side of the room which is kinda good as it gives me some flexibility as to how the room is shaped.

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... I can see it resting somewhere on deck 5 or maybe 6 to keep it close to the energizers
What exactly are the energizers? I know they're referred to a couple of times in the series but that's it. Or more specifically, what is your interpretation of what they are?
I'm not sure exactly other than they provide energy to systems. The energizers could be a form of the energy conduit seen in the refit-Enterprise that runs from the engineering hull to the primary hull and distributes power to the ship...

Here is a rough outline on how I've categorized the various systems mentioned in the series:

Power Generation
- Main Power = M/AM Reactor + Warp Engines*
- Aux Power = 2x Fusion Reactors (equaling 3 total reactors when you include the M/AM reactor)
- Emergency Power / Reserve Power = Batteries

Power Distribution / Energizers (Could be the same as "Transformer Banks")
- Main Circuit = 4x Lithium (early S1) / 4x Dilithium (later S1) / 1x Dilithium (S2+) regulated
- Auxiliary and Emergency Bypass Circuits
- Regenerating Circuit

Power Consumption
- Star Drive/Warp Engines (x2)
- Impulse Engines (x2)
- Life Support
- Sensors
- Shields
- Phaser Banks (x4)
- Photon Torpedo system
- Transporters
- etc...

*I do think that the M/AM Reactor and Warp Engines are tightly intertwined somehow. Perhaps the warp engines magnify or "turbocharges" the power output from the reactor and/or acts like a massive energy buffer that gets channeled back into the main energizer circuit. This would go to explain something like "The Paradise Syndrome" where the act of running them at full power for a phaser attack can burn out the engines.

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After watching "The Naked Time" it also seems that something funky is going on in the curved hallway going up to it.
Could you be more specific? I've watched those scenes many times and what we see seems pretty typical:

The only difference is that they've opened up the radial corridor near the Engine Room to allow Scotty to enter and exit through it.
That was it I think now that I'm paying more attention to the episode I was surprised to see a corridor branch off and make a turn at an odd angle that didn't follow a radial or curved (like the main curve) path

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But in "The Ultimate Computer" we see another long curved hallway (although different.) I might try to work the differences in as a refit in the engineering section on the primary hull.
If you don't mind changing the angle of the Engine Room door, (and raising the ceiling) this is not too difficult. It does lead to an odd corridor layout however!

It also means that you'll need to reinterpret Kirk's stroll to Engineering in Court Martial, but there's nothing to say that the corridor he walks along is just outside the Engine Room.
Incidentally - does this mean you're not going to have any Engine Rooms in the secondary hull?
I'm willing to do that I'd like to keep to the show so in the episodes that the long curved hallway is shown, it'll be up in the primary hull.

I suspect what I'll end up doing is carving up enough space in both hulls to house the S1 and later S2 engine rooms and treat them like the bridge of the Enterprise during the movies where they can alter them with some ease.

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Incidentally - does this mean you're not going to have any Engine Rooms in the secondary hull?
Oh no The other episodes where there are camera cuts and no long hallway featured directly connecting to the engine room will go to the engineering hull unless there was some dialogue to indicate otherwise.
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