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Re: Was Uhura a linguist?

There's plenty of precedent in TOS for Uhura to be proficient in communications technology and recognizing various codes, it's stated onscreen that she has an aptitude for mathmatics, and while it makes sense for her to know something about languages, a part of her job involves the universal translator, so she really doesn't have a need to be fluent in anything other than Swahili and English. That being said, the scene in TUC is unconscionable and would be the first casualty if I were to edit that film.

In the case of JJ Uhura, just as they spliced Wesley Crusher onto poor, unsuspecting Chekov, they overlaid Hoshi onto Uhura. Apparently, being a competent officer isn't good enough to serve on the JJprise, you also have to be a mutant.
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