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Re: Star Trek: Fighter Command

Chapter 1: Inquisition, Stardate 79540.31

“Commander Jacob Calvin Janeway, please stand,” Admiral Alynna Nechayev said as she and her adjunct entered the court chamber escorted by the bailiffs, and she sat down at the bench, with her aide in the seat to her right. “In accordance with the Starfleet Code of Conduct and the Uniform Code of Justice, this court finds you not guilty of all charges,” Nechayev said with a smile.

“Thank you, Admiral.” replied Janeway as he saluted, a habit leftover from his Marine days. When Nechayev realized what he was doing, she returned the salute smartly. Jake turned to his attorney and said, “Thank you for all your work and taking the time to come to my defense, Ambassador.”

“It was the least I could do,” replied Ambassador Tuvok as he stood, “I found your mother's insistence on a court-martial quite... illogical.” Janeway nodded as he followed the ambassador out of the chamber and into the bustling corridors of Starfleet Command. “Your actions were as they say, 'by the book' and not in violation of Starfleet combat doctrine or the Code of Conduct. It was simply logical that you were not at fault. Onto another matter. How are your symptoms? The Doctor requested that I ask. He also requested I tell you that you are overdue for your physical.”

“Sleeping is much better than it was several months ago. The nightmares still occur occasionally and the flashbacks come and go. The court-martial didn't exactly help matters. And with regards to the physical, tell Joe that it's not happening, I expect to be very busy in the next month or so, and after that, I hope to be part of the Andromeda expedition,” replied Jake as he and Tuvok walked to the turbolift. “Level 12.”

“I do not mean to pry into your personal affairs, but why are you headed to Level 12? that is where StratCom is located,” Tuvok asked as the turbolift lurched ever so subtly and began rising through Starfleet Command's main building.

“I scheduled an appointment for a proposal to Starfleet Strategic Command for 11:30 hours,” replied Janeway as he looked at his chronometer.

“You scheduled an appointment with StratCom without knowing if you were going to be cleared. That is a rather bold move, if I may say so,” said Tuvok, raising an eyebrow.

“Well I knew I did nothing wrong, you did not think I was wrong, so I made the appointment,” Janeway replied with a sly grin.

“A gamble,” Tuvok shot back.

“An act of faith, you should try it sometime,” said Jake as the turbolift reached Level 12 and the doors opened up quickly and Janeway walked out and turned to face Tuvok, “Up for a game of kal-toh, before you leave for Confederation space? Maybe tonight?”

“It is as you would say 'a date',” replied Tuvok before the doors closed.

“Looking forward to it...” Janeway muttered as he turned around and strode into the briefing room.
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