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Re: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 70mm

captain rob

No it was the, palter our hands where on the edge of the cake platter. I would remember because my arms were aching afterwards as well as my hands 3 hours. LOL

Makes you wonder what happens in booth these days to project a film.

Interesting about the film print shedding, bit kinder like my skin condition. LOL

I think I’ve heard of someone mentioning dollar cinema that is where you pay $1.dollar. Why that’s like 50pence over here. LOL Wow that’s cheaper than child price back around 1974 which was 79pence.

Matinee Saturday films at different cinema over at Boscombe was 15pence? For that you get Godzilla!

I’d need training on 70mm because it’s a bit tricky I imagine and delicate.

I’ve seen it in the booth running though a Phillps DP70 Star Trek VI when I was invited in the booth on Friday, Febuary14th 1992, bummer, Walentines Day LOL

The chief showed me nice 35mm Dolby SR print of Star Trek VI that was used for back-up in case the 70mm got damaged. The print was covered up with bed sheet which was normal for most UCI and other cinemas to keep the prints clean.

Saw Star Trek VI three times in THX wow! It was the last 70mm Dolby THX presentation I saw at the Empire, from that day on, most where 35mm Dolby SR or SR-D or dts. Today it’s Dolby Cinema Digital, which looks and sounds great.

Echo is the worst that can happen it degrades dialogue from the first sound of voice, or spoken word. The decay time needs to be fast to prevent it from arriving milliseconds after its left the speaker! Otherwise its an overlapping of unintelligible voices.

Empire has a bit of echo its not as bad in the middle. At the front its like pinging off the walls and returning and a film like Transformers with a words coming at a pace of 100 per 20 seconds makes you say WTF! Sound effects and music is not as noticeable.

I prefer a cinema that has fast decay time, then again I’ve got so accustomed to it over the years, it doesn’t bother, me that much.

How many surrounds where in the cinema at the time, can you remember?

Was there any wall treatment?

Wow a work print to see that its coming along. That must be strange seeing the folks at, ILM, waving at the camera. LOL

Well does it matter. Maybe she meant that contract was signed, months before the install?

I think though Homan’s research and trail and error in getting it to perform is great improvement.

Its no secret about the THX baffle wall, I guess if a cinema wants to build one they don’t need to go to THX can’t be that hard to build. Plaster board! Lots of it! The screen absorbent prevents HF zigzagging of the perforated screen, making for bright harsh sound.

Projecting the sound outwards reinforcing the lows, so that’s mostly part of the tick to it.
Ex-projectionist UCI Warner Bros village cinemas.

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