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Re: Jack Bauer and 24 series on precipice of same mistake ST. TNG made

Not to disagree with your point--it makes perfect sense that Baird ended up on Star Trek: Nemesis to fulfill studio obligations of some sort--but your examples of Spielberg and Lucas aren't the finest ones around. Spielberg was an established television director before coming to Jaws, and had already directed the well-reviewed The Sugarland Express and Duel (though a TV movie, it saw some theatrical distribution). Lucas had only two directing assignments under his belt (beyond his work as a student filmmaker, of course), but he did have a hit with American Graffiti and was also the writer of Star Wars.

Baird, to draw a comparison, had directed two contemporary action films, neither of which was a major hit at the box office, before coming to Star Trek: Nemesis, a film he did not write.
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