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Re: Wearing Starfleet Uniform Out in Public - Help

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Then we should also closely examine Trek actors and how they live their lives. If the actor is not a good role model, then we should not use the characters they play as role models. Players and actors have much in common. Both play a role: one as a performer on a field of competition; the other as a performer on a stage or screen. As an adult, I have learned to tell the difference between part played and person playing the part.
Sector 7:

The two are not the same thing.
There is a difference between admiring moral traits within a fictional character and admiring the way someone throws a ball. I don't need to know the actor's real life in order to gain or learn from the fictional character. But what do I get when I see a famous sports person in action? Wow. He really can throw that ball really good. Well, that doesn't really help me, although it's really good for him, though.
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