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Re: Jack Bauer and 24 series on precipice of same mistake ST. TNG made

I'm not saying editing and directing aren't different things. Obviously, they are.

What I was saying was that in his overall deal with Paramount to edit for them, he probably had an added benefit/option to direct as well, and Nemesis just happened to be the slot they gave him.

This kind of optioning happens all the time in Hollywood contracts and has more to do with the people than with the property.

Example: In 1985, Patrick Duffy left Dallas at the end of the season. He came back in the 1986-1987 season, but had his deal to return sweetened with the added option that he could produce and star in another series for Lorimar Telepictures (the production company that made Dallas). Thus, 1991 in when Dallas ended, Duffy went on to star in Step By Step for Lorimar.

Baird directing Nemesis was less about creative instinct or who was best suited to direct the film and simply more about contract options. He only directed two movies by that point, so what? George Lucas had only directed two films before making Star Wars. Spielberg had only made one film by the time he directed Jaws. Additionally, the studio *wanted* someone new to the franchise directing. In retrospect we can now see that this, combined with Logan's awful script led to a serious letdown. But, live and learn.

The point, summarized: It was a business decision by Paramount, not a creative one.
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