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Re: Dukat awaits tribunal, Continue.

Damar gave the Klingon a polite smile. „Commander Worf “ he said in greeting, but than fell silent. How should he tell the Klingon, that he did not want to go and see Dukat with him? That he wanted to go alone? That he still felt some sort of loyalty for Dukat, no matter how missplaced that might be. He did not come here for vengeance, but for... for what?
Garak and Kira both had asked him that question and he hadnīt been able to answer it.
The Klingon had the right to hate Dukat. After all Dukat had taken away his wifes life in cold blooded murder. Just as the Dominion had taken away the lifes of his wife and son. The Dominion, that Dukat had brought upon Cardassia.
He felt the Klingons expactant eyes on him as the silence streched. His mind raced, he had never been so good with words and the fact, that he was the leader of Cardassia had not changed that weakness.
He cleared his throat ….

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