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Re: Jack Bauer and 24 series on precipice of same mistake ST. TNG made

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That is balderdash.

The actors signed the standard Hollywood five-year contract, then negotiated hefty new pay deals for Season Six, and again for Season Seven. Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner priced themselves out of the running for any kind of TV pay deal for an eighth season so, if there was to be any more TNG featuring them, it had to be a feature film.

TV SF spends a lot of money on SPFX and has little left over from the payment of actor salaries.
Exactly, it was simple economics. The show was becoming too expensive to make, with falling ratings, and plenty of episodes to sell for syndicated reruns.

Paramount wanted a Star Trek show on their new network, and a new Star Trek movie. Since the TOS cast had called it a day, it all added up to the end of TNG, that cast continuing in movies, and a new show on UPN.
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