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Re: Dukat awaits tribunal, Continue.

His trepidation only increased as he saw the two Starfleet security officers waiting to escort him to the prisoner. He knew that only a short time ago these two would have shot him on slight.

Now he was a trusted ally of the federation and a hero to the entire alpha quadrant, the man whom almost single handily defeated the Dominion and saved his people from genocide.
And yet I'm still the man who murdered a young woman, someone who was once my friend. I belong in here too, I led the war against the rest of the known galaxy caused the deaths of millions and betrayed my people.

what's even worst is that I trusted and admired the man that I shall help to judge, the man who started all of this.

and I still cannot find it in my heart to hate him for it.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the voice of another veteran of the war, once he had never thought he would see again.

"Legate Damar, I see that you are also here to see the petaQ . I would be honoured to join you in this, after all he has cost us both dearly and vengeance needs to be paid!"

Corat Damar felt the pain and hatred in the Klingon's voice but all he could see was Ziyal. He knew that one day there would be a reckoning for his actions but unfortunately today would not be it.

Instead he would sit in judgment over his old mentor and friend.

(I know it is a very brief segment but hopefully it can be a springboard to carry the story forward.)
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