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Re: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 70mm

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I feel like Homer Simpson reading this thread: "OHHHH, 70 milimeterrrrrr!" (drools) I saw TWOK I'm sure in 70 mm opening week at the UA Prestonwood Creek 5 in Dallas, Texas. I still remember it to this day. And a year later I started my theatre career there on opening weekend of ROTJ. Everything that was available in 70 mm we got. And those prints were huge; one reel per film case and 7 or 8 cases per print. We ran "Top Gun" on two screens; one in 70 mm split-surround and the other 35 mm. Surround channels weren't split left and right in those days. I loved showing customers the difference between them picture and sound wise. That was the busiest location in the country for UA in those days. And we were the first commercial installation for Lucasfilm's THX Sound. The sound system upgrade was installed and tuned by the Lucasfilm guys, not UA's. 70 mm was fun but you had to tear the print down and rebuild it about every two weeks because the splices would stretch.
Thatís interesting fact didnít know that? Then again Iíve had the pleasure of handling 70mm
35mm as far as I recall run for more than 2 weeks same print maybe 4 to 6 weeks it would be moved from one booth to another.

I guess its the speed thatís pulling it though the projector and the weight of the print itself which is wider and taller by small bit. Also the magnetic tracks can flake and ware away YIKES there goes the sound!

Yes it happened on Star Trek IV at the Empire when the Klingon bird of prey was heading towards the (Golden Gate Bridge) it was where the ship shuddered and vibrated and the lights went off! Then the sound went on all six magnetic tracks! It lasted just up until the ship crashed into the water/bay.

So it was about 15s 19s loss of sound!

Interesting because that was the first time Iíve heard that fault. Also the prints are costly at £16,000 grand, over 35mm at £1,500grand.

Iíve also seen Batman 1989 at the local ABC Bournemouth, during the late 1990ís and the centre channel HF had loss of dialogue intelligibility it was all low end muffled sound when Vicky Vale goes to the bat-cave where she finds Bruce living another life as the Batman! LOL

The sound restored to the centre HF just when Batman opens the vault with his Bat-suit. LOL
ďIím Batman.Ē LOL

Yeah its an odd thing with 70mm this is where 35mm Dolby SR-D makes things cheaper for all cinemas to playback Dolby six-track channel, only sad part is it canít do five-screen fronts, except SDDS/8channel and how strange only few well more than few handful have ever been produced with 8channels kinder like 70mm Dolby format 43 with split-surrounds, where most was regular 70mm format 42, Iím not sure I think Dolby format 41 wide five screen stopped at some early point in the late 79ís or 80ís, can you confirm?
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