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Re: Fox Offers Matthew Vaughan "X-Men The First Class"!

For those concerned about the short timetable, back when Bryan Singer was attached to direct, he had developed an allegedly strong draft of the screenplay with writer Jamie Moss (Street Kings). It was after reading that draft that 20th Century Fox fast-tracked the production.

Even though Singer is no longer directing but still producing, he has still been continuously working hard on the film. According to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision Blog, Singer vows to remain "very involved" in co-steering First Class and while currently casting his next project as director, Jack the Giant Killer for WB, he is simultaneously casting First Class, keeping actors and actresses in mind for the film's younger versions of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey.

Now that Vaughn is on board as director, I am sure he will take over the reigns, but work on the film was still steadily progressing even while there was an active search for director. It'll be interesting how Vaughn and Singer co-manage things, and one hopes that both of them can work well together. Interesting to note that Vaughn was somewhat critical of Singer's first two X-Men films and was very critical on Singer's Superman Returns, calling it a "mess". I wonder how that'll affect their working relationship.
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