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Re: Star Trek: Fighter Command

Lt. Cmdr. Evan McKnight was in hell… at least he thought so. The USS Tennessee, the Medevac variant of the Danube class Runabout, was pounded by micro-torpedoes and cutting beams. As McKnight dove the runabout through a torrent of micro-torpedoes, avoiding almost all of them. Suddenly, the Tennessee was stopped in its tracks as the Pyramid switched targets from the capital ships harassing it to the escape pods and shuttles from the Musashi, vengefully lashing out with cutting and tractor beams. The Tennessee was quickly caught in a tractor beam that stopped her dead in her tracks. The Tennessee fired its singular quantum torpedo and blasted at the Pyramid with it's dual phaser banks, but to no avail. The Tennessee shook, and the runabout's power failed. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a green flash go across the cockpit windows, getting bigger and bigger, until it disappeared into the Pyramid. Nanoseconds later, the tractor beam projector exploded in a green blue fireball, releasing the Tennessee and restoring its power. The comm. came alive with Janeway's voice, “Do you have power, McKnight?”

“Roger that, sir!” he replied as he punched the impulse engines up to full and began to follow the Arrow class Runabout that Janeway was flying.

“No, don't follow me, McKnight! Get the hell out of here, you son of a Bolian!!!” replied Janeway, and the Tennessee broke off from the Javelin and went to warp.

The Javelin dove as the vengeful Pyramid began pummeling it with multiple cutting beams, launching seven gravimetric torpedoes at Javelin. Janeway pulled the runabout up and over the Pyramid, and then pulled a high-g turn, reversing direction and dove, confusing the torpedoes' guidance. Having bought himself some time, he pulled up the squadron’s command and control interface, and activated the comm. “Battleaxe Leader to Courageous-A, get that damned convoy out of here, before the Pyramid figures what they're supposed to be doing. Paine, Agamemnon, Kraken, and Providence, cover the convoy and keep up the pressure on that Pyramid. Tian An Men and Minuteman, stay after those fighter drones. The rest of the squadron, go to rally point Bravo-Sigma-3 and try to get some support for us.” There's almost no chance we're gonna survive this without support, the best chance is to get as many ships as possible to the rally point, and safeguarding that convoy until they get to Trion Prime. The Javelin rumbled as it was hit by fighter drones' cutting beams and pounded by micro gravimetric torpedoes, rolling and wheeling around, avoiding as much of the enemy fire as possible.

“Roger that,” came the chorus of replies coming from the comm, and the Paine, Agamemnon, Kraken, and Providence all came about, weapons ablaze, firing everything they could still fire. The Agamemnon and the Kraken, both Akira II Class Pocket Battleships, simultaneously launched four transphasic torpedoes from each of their eight forward launchers. The torpedoes streaked in on their respective targets, thirty two of which shredded the fighter drones while the Tian An Men and Minuteman blasted away at incoming enemy torpedoes. The remainder of the transphasic torpedoes smashed into the Pyramid. The Pyramid began to shudder and quickly broke apart. As whoops of celebration began on the command channel, sixty five transwarp conduits opened up, reveling dozens of fighter drones and among them, a lone tactical cube. Oh, we are so screwed.

“All ships, begin immediate withdraw, I repeat begin immediate withdraw, rendezvous at rally point Alpha-Whiskey 4!!!” Janeway said as he began taking withering fire from a dozen fighters, quickly overwhelming his shields. Janeway began maneuvering wildly and chaotically to lose the pursuers, and succeeded in losing 2/3rds of them, but the remaining were determined to destroy the Javelin. The Javelin dove into the cloud of drones, weaving and rolling, and lashed out with its pulse phaser cannons and micro-torpedoes. The runabout's armored hull was holding off the onslaught of energy being unleashed upon it, but for how long was anyone's guess. Around him, the Kraken was rammed by a dozen drones, destroying a good half of her saucer. The Agamemnon, caught in on of the Cube's tractors, was slowly obliterated as the Cube pumped torpedo after torpedo in the wounded ship. The Thomas Paine, a Patriot class Heavy Cruiser, was listing and unresponsive as it was swarmed by drones, while the Providence exploded from a warp core breach, leaving no trace left of the once proud Nova Mk II class vessel. Suddenly, one drone bounced off the cockpit of the Javelin, cracking it, while a well placed shot disabled the ship's power. Realizing the danger, Jake grabbed for his pilot's helmet sealing mechanism, but as the cockpit's window shattered, he realized it was too late and was pulled into the dark void of space....

When Jake awoke, he was on an assimilation table basked in the green glow of the Borg vinculum. He struggled against the bonds of the forcefield surrounding him to no avail. Suddenly, from beyond the forcefield came a shape, one he could not make out, until it resolved itself as Dr. Jack Weber, Jake's roommate at the academy.

“God, Jack, you scared the crap out of me!!!” Janeway said as the doctor deactivated the forcefield restraints and Jake sat up. “What in the hell are you doing here?”

“Besides saving your ass yet again, I'm part of Task Force Freedom now, chief medical officer on the USS Rhode Island, and part of the medical team that saved your life” said Weber as he strode toward Janeway and Janeway began to try and stand up. “Whoa, that's not a good idea, buddy. You're still suffering the effects of being sucked into space like you were. Besides, you're gonna wanna stay seated. I've got some bad news.”

“What, is Sovak okay? Did the convoy not make it?” Janeway asked. “Damn it, tell me what happened Jack!” Janeway demanded as he stood up, wobbling slightly as he did so.

“What happened was all the ships you ordered to stay to cover the convoy were destroyed by the Borg tactical cube and its fighters. The Tian An Men was destroyed while making a suicidal run at the Cube, to delay them from attacking the planet. Minuteman was captured and assimilated by the Remnant. 6000 personnel were killed. It gets worse. The JAG is calling your decisions into question and convening a board of inquiry to investigate after Starfleet Command denounced your actions as reckless and called for your court-martial,” Weber reported grimly. Janeway all but collapsed in shock.

“Who called for the court-martial?” Jake replied in a tone almost too low to hear.

“Jake, I'm pretty sure you don't wanna kno...” began Weber, but he was cut off.

“To hell with your opinion, who called for my goddamned court-martial?!” Janeway screamed as he glared at Weber.

“Your mom, Jake. It was your mom.”

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