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Re: Sigils and Unions: Catacombs of Oralius--The Desolate Vigil

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That was a beautiful story, NG. Definitely one of my favourites, and it really captures what you see in the Cardassians (when they're free of the toxic ideals that the canon Cardassian culture has embraced over the centuries).
Thanks so much for reading. There was always a sense of potential, of what could have been, in the Cardassians, and it really is fulfilling to me to explore that side. (Just as it is to explore those who HAVE lived with that toxic buildup yet work against it anyway.)

Dukat's journey was very compelling, and convincing too. It was a genuine character piece rather than simply "the hero" going through the motions (it felt genuine, as a hint of how young Dukat became the famed resistance leader of your other AU works but still being a somewhat lost young person searching for a new stability).
Thank you. That's one thing I really wanted to come across...I didn't want him to be like Trek XI Kirk--suddenly a hero without the experience or credibility. (Mind you, I did like the movie, but that does require some suspension of disbelief.) That's why I didn't want AU Dukat to just magically leap right into the leadership void.

Besides...I've always had the feeling that his leadership style is not traditional, anyway, and sometimes an outsider might not even recognize it for what it was. His style is more collaborative, a servant leader, and more stereotypically feminine (I emphasize the stereotypical aspect because as we know, men are capable of serving very well in that way--it's more getting society to recognize it, and men themselves to realize they have that capability).

Just as an aside- I can't remember if it was established elsewhere, but does Dukat ever learn the fates of his siblings and parents? The lack of any return to the city is of course essential to the story, and that uncertainty hanging over it really works to convey the mood, but I wonder .
I'm not 100% my mind one of two things occurs, but I'm not sure which.

1) They died when that ship crashed in the Rukreved District or at some point early in the invasion.


2) Some or all may be alive, and AU Dukat will find this out and perhaps let them know he's alive--but his increasing role with the resistance means he cannot have any contact with them (because by not having any contact with them, he keeps them from having information that could put them in danger).

So either they are dead, or he must stay away out of love.
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