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Re: Fox Offers Matthew Vaughan "X-Men The First Class"!

Well, this is supposed to be a prequel to Singer's films, so I have no idea how they are going to do that and still make it work. Besides, even in the original First Class comic-book, Wolverine was nowhere to be found, so not only does it break film continuity, it breaks comic-book continuity as well.

Supposedly the script is locked, since Singer had developed it with writer Jamie Moss for some time, so Vaughn can head right into pre-production. I would be skeptical, but Vaughn has worked with 20th Century Fox on an X-Men movie before so he knows the ruthless studio politics that goes on there, since he pulled out before, so I would imagine if he had signed on, realizing the release date and the time schedule, he would be okay with it.

I have total faith in Vaughn as a director after Layer Cake and Kick-Ass, so I'm sold.
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