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Re: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 70mm

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No, they look two to four times grainier, but you trade that for image size.

70mm blowups often suck visually
I'm going to disagree totally with that. I just saw these movies and marveled at how grain free, beautiful and bright the images were. I had people tell me (presumably based off of recent video transfers) that TWOK would be a grainy mess, but it was anything but. It was a very detailed image and very pleasant looking.

And of course the 6-track magnetic tracks were wonderful.

I've seen some 35 blowups that weren't objectionable, but they were lowgrain bright pics to start with (SILVERADO comes to mind.) TWOK was shot on fairly fast somewhat grainy stock, so these all compound the blowup issue.

To be fair, I have only seen a bad 35mm print of TWOK in recent years ... I haven't seen a fresh one since 1982, and at that time I saw it a couple times in 35 and a couple in 70, and the only dif I recall was that you could hear the 'khan!' echo more times in the 70 version.
It’s twice over the stage channels and once fading off into the monaural surround.
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