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Re: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 70mm

Well I’m beaming up and old thread here.

I saw also saw Star Trek II the wrath of Khan at the Empire Lancaster Square screen 1 London on Sunday 8th October 1989 in 70mm Dolby stereo THX sound system via the cinemas original 13KW JBL sound system.

It was basically a Star Trek marathon that started at 11am and end around 9:20 9:30pm?

It included a rare screening of Star Trek V in at the Empire in THX because it was booked in at the Plaza which is near Piccadilly Circus.

The low end on the JBL sound system was just stunningly out of this world!

I thought I’ve seen Star Trek at the local cinemas I was wrong!

All the rich soft details of the soundtrack of each film was hyper realistic in my, face chest stomach, the whole cinema rumbled like what old Sensurround did for “Earthquake” in (1974) in fact better!

Star Trek the motion picture was 35mm optical Dolby stereo type A print
Even this felt like 70mm the dynamic range was warp factor 10 fantastic with the wormhole sequence. The cinema rumbled deeply as it uses the sub bass extension module on the Dolby CP200 processor to enhance the lows. The whizzing sound effects moved along the surrounds caught my total attention! LCR fronts from 20 meters away from the screen, (I was sat in the circle or sweet spot) the details was crystal clear.

All the rest was 70mm

Star Trek II when the opening titles started the low end 40Hz that humming pulse sound that appears on the Paramount Pictures logo, was deeply pressing on my body! Now try this at home with the bluray while maintaining uniform frequency response!

The scene where Sulu is thrown from the helm was felt like a body just landed right in front of me, on the floor it was that realistic it was scary!

When Khan lifts Chekov off the floor “why” even that was felt like JOLT and not one single hint of audible distortion!

When Khan shoves those things down there ears it was heart DEEP thumping beat that was so distributing, yet very clear! Creepy!

When the Enterprise leaves space dock the low end rumble felt like a mild earthquake and its about to get better far better!

When Khan unlashes his disgruntled revenge on the Enterprise it was like truck hit the side of the cinema! It was that hard that deep it was pure 70mm Dolby JBL THX performance, yeah try that at home!

When captain Terrell vaporized one the scientists even that pasher hit was felt! Yes the phaser I kidd you not! So its kinder a bit up from where the sub bass plays from its mostly bass mid range.

Empire was sussed out for bass and sub bass, and its still untouchable to this day with a 56KW JBL THX sound system for greater headroom!

When the final battle between Reliant and Enterprise and James Horner’s score that had a few moments on its own, it felt fantastic the bass from the screen fronts was hard hitting and you’d thing it would be mostly just heard with lots of high end on the HF horns. No this was well balanced as well as EQ.

I was told by one of the former chief projectionists at the site now retired, it was mostly the “Dolby preamps” that was reasonable for the high performance.

THX, is just a certification of standards that has to be met.

When the Enterprise was leaving the battleground the score was just going deep pounding nuts! It was trilling and I can still to this day recall 90% of how it suppose to sound and feel and that is rather rare, for one to remember something 20 years ago.

When Genesis exploded it was like WHAM! KABOOM! It wasn’t flabby bass/sub bas it was hard edge bass to sub bass in my face!!
If I played it like that at home, I’d have the neighbours bitching and moaning LOL it takes nearly 120dbc and that is LOUD!

When music cuts in over the Genesis planet for the final end of the film, it deep, deep low end, it was priceless!

When Spock narrated the words “Space the final frontier” and you might find in your homes the bluray sounding thin on bass/sub bass. The 70mm Dolby stereo type A print was a rolling low end rumble pulse that ended with mild jolt then the credits rolled.

It was awesome and yes I recall very clearly for…
Star Trek III
Star Trek IV
Star Trek V
Ex-projectionist UCI Warner Bros village cinemas.
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