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Re: Wearing Starfleet Uniform Out in Public - Help

I agree with this sentiment;

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My mental heath is functioning within normal parameters but I am seriously lacking a "social" life and for me Star Trek has filled that void.
A tv show is no substitute for a social life. Hobbies and common interests can, however, help you to create one.
...but in regards to this one;

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Sports fans are wearing jerseys, too. The thing is, a football team is something real, Starfleet is fictional. Get a life. me a football team is just about as tangible as Star Trek. If I choose not to involve myself in football, it has less of an effect on my life than if I was to involve myself with it. The same with Star Trek, if I was to involve myself with it (i.e. be a fan) it's more tangible to me than if I wasn't involved with it.

For example, if I was to bump into a football player that wasn't plastered all over the tabloids for the latest scandal, I wouldn't recognise the guy, since I'm not a fan of football. If I wasn't a Star Trek fan and bumped into a 'minor' actor from the show (i.e. bumped into someone who wasn't Patrick Stewart, Leonard Nimoy etc.) I probably wouldn't recognise them either. As far as I'm concerned, I'm as likely to be involved in football games that everyone sees as I am to be involved in shooting episodes of Star Trek (i.e. not very).
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