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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?


About genocide
Any serious definition - including the legal one, of course - only proves that what the borg are doing is genocide - they target specific groups (species), they intend to kill a large part of the group, etc.
What the borg are doing is just so clearly genocide.

O, and killing BILLIONS is not necessary for an act to be genocide - it just shows the SHEER SCALE OF THE GENOCIDE!

Apropos assimilation
7 of 9 - she was borg since a very early age - like Hugh; the hive mind is all they know.
But an adult person assimilated in the collective is just conscious enough to realise what's happening (see Picard) - a voice screaming in the dark. The TRILLIONS who were assimilated are in a living hell.

About saving drones

"never even bothering to see if there's a chance to save them, which was proven time and time again, quite possible...... "

It was proven theoretically possible.
Practically, it is impossible. When Starfleet is able to save BILLIONS of drones, then it would be possible.
Starfleet trying to stop the borg by saving drones will end in the federatioin being assimilated. Facing the borg and prevailing is already nearly impossible; facing them when encumbered by such a severe limitation will only end in your death.

And since you argue that Starfleet can't touch the borg because they can be saved, then you argue that starfleet had no right to touch a single jem'hadar during the dominion war - like the technologically conditioned drones, the jem'hadar were biologically conditioned, they also had no choice. Yes?

About genocide
"Picard doesn't own the Borg, he did not give birth to the Borg, he did not invent the Borg.... he is not responsible for the actions of another except himself."

Praxius, if you see a killer murdering a classroom full of children and you are certain you can stop this killer with no risk to yourself, and yet you don't lift a finger, just watching the scene, YOU ARE IN PART RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHILDREN'S DEATH, BECAUSE YOU COULD PREVENT IT AND YOU DIDN'T! You are monstruous!

"choose one form of "Genocide" for an even worse form"

Praxius, you can choose between either allowing countless civilizations to survive or allowing a monstuous army to, very likely, kill and assimilate the entire Milky Way galaxy (CAN YOU IMAGINE SUCH DEATH AND SUFFERING - I CAN'T) in a few thousand years.

You think allowing this genocidal army to survive - and sacrificing TRILLIONS of innocent beings - is the better option?

But, of course, if one watches 'I, Borg' one sees that Picard didn't even consider the death of all the drones, he didn't get so far in his thought process.
Picard sacrificed TRILLIONS, THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF CIVILIZATIONS just so he won't have to use Hugh, one person, to destroy his 'culture'.
It's even arguable that the paradox will only dismantle the hive mind, liberating the drones.

About the paradox's objective chances
"Crew and Picard thought something would work perfectly, but didn't."

Picard&crew BEING CERTAIN (not an everyday occurence) the paradox will work proves the paradox has a very high chance of working.

"It would be easy to duplicate... heck they could have done it to Seven and sent her back...."

This wouldn't have worked. The most important words in my phrase is 'without the borg knowing about it':
'Plus, the exact conditions from 'I, Borg' were never ecountered again - having access to a drone classified by the collective as still connected to the hive mind without the borg knowing about it.'

"which later on through the ST seriesez, was proven not necessary in the first place."
Where exactly in the ST series was that proven, Praxius?

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