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Re: Star Trek Phoenix Rises From the Ashes

Here's a longer view with more thoughts after watching it several times. Some are probably the same as some of the other thoughts I've already posted.

Much like Exeter could have been a show 40 years ago that would have been a great spin off from TOS. Star Trek Phoenix could have been a great spinoff for the next Star Trek. I know the Canon Trek has gone back in time for their Star Trek. And that didn't really work too well for Enterprise. It did work well for the movie but both are pretty flawed.

Going to the future is what Star Trek was all about. Even though the writing quality in the TNG crews went down hill. That doesn't mean going back in time will change that.

The thing I liked about this show is that it seems like a lot of the characters already have history. Some of it we don't know yet. Like the scene with the navigator and Capt. Avari. They seem to have a history on something it's just that we don't know what it's about yet. But there were other moments you can pick on right away. It seems like this show is trying to take the Kirk, Spock, McCoy type relationship with Avari, Alden, and T'von. They had Alden and T'Von making similar McCoy/Spock remarks against each other. Alden is really written a lot like McCoy in some ways even though they aren't the same.

I love the new transporter effect. I love how it's quicker and more subtle. Sort of like the warp effect in the new Trek film that I am a fan of. I'm not as big a fan of the phasers, they seemed more like Star Wars type to me. I really liked the entrance of the villain in this episode.

The one big complaint is that this was an episode mostly based on Avari and Alden. I'm not really sure I'm as interested in those 2 as I am some of the other characters. Which can actually be a good thing. I liked having different and new aliens we've never seen. and I hope they can go into those characters more. Solora being the best of those, but some of the other characters just aren't really developed or we don't really have any information on them yet.

Overall I think this could grow to be one of the best Trek films. There's some things not quite right, but the production of this is really high quality. I could really see this being on TV today. I cannot wait to see more episodes.
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