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Re: Is there a series that I have missed?

I'd say check out:

Roughnecks: Starship Trooper Chronicles
Blends elements from the book and the movies excellently.
Basically, deals with the physics of space travel and follows a crew that removes or destroys space debris
Infinite Ryvius
Best Described as Lord of the Flies in space. A great space adventure drama series.
Starship Operators
While away on a training cruise their planet is capatured by another nation. The newly-graduated crew votes to wage a personal war against the invading nation.
Crest of the Stars and it's sequels Banner of the Stars 1-3
After having his planet conquered by a race of genetically enhanced humans known as Abh, the son of diplomat is sent away for mandatory military service. However, soon he finds himself at the forefront of a full scale galactic war.
Sol Bianca: The Legacy
A crew of pirates with an advanced starship called the Sol Bianca find a stowaway and end up being chased by the millitary.
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
A covert group of cyborg agents solve various tech and cybercrimes.
Real Drive
An elderly disabled man is offered a job only he can accomplish by an old friend. He is contracted to be an administrator of a virtual worldwide connected consciousness known as "the Metal". Inside the metal he can be young again and have the use of his legs.
Kurau: Phantom Memory
An experiment with a new form of energy results in a scientist's daughter being fused with an alien lifeform but this fact is covered up. Years later her secret is out, and she and her recently emerged other half, are deemed too dangerous to live.
Last Exile
Two orphaned and impoverished teens earning money as air messengers, find a downed plane and take on the dying man's last wish; to protect a small girl and take her to specified destination.
Noein-To Your Other Self
A group of children are dragged into a war between two other parallel dimensions when a strange power manifests itself inside one of them.
The Third
In a dystopian future where much of the Earth is now desert a woman makes a living as jack of all trades roaming around with her AI tank.
A military ship is attacked triggering the activation of a "black box" technology which was being analyzed. It results in the awakening of KOS-MOS an extremely powerful and unpredictable android.
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