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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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In I Borg, no one even mentioned the possibility that the weapon wouldn't work. How is it that you know more about the Borg than Geordi Laforge or Jean-Luc Picard? They didn't think their use of the weapon would "provoke" the Borg, why do you? What makes you such an authority of the Borg? Once again, IF YOU HAVE A WEAPON THAT COULD DESTROY AN ENEMY HELL-BENT ON DESTROYING YOUR CIVILIZATION, YOU ARE MORALLY OBLIGATED TO USE IT!

I've heard what Anwar thinks, is there anyone else who disagrees with the above sentiment?
I do.... for the sheer and simple answer that you can not dictate what is moral or what people are "Morally Obligated" to do, since Morals themselves are subjective to the individual.

You may think I, Picard and others who'd make the same decision are immoral..... and in turn, I feel your view is equally immoral.

But neither of us are absolutely right or wrong, simply because it's based around morals and opinions..... which are never completely right or wrong.

I may see something as wrong or right..... you may see something as right or wrong.... but it's all based on our own pre-set morals that exist in our individual minds, and neither of us are the absolute rulers on what is morally right or wrong..... that's the problem I see in your argument.

Most in here are expressing their personal opinions on how they'd address the problem.... but you dictate what everybody should do and then fight tooth and nail to justify your reasoning in some attempt to force people to see things the way you do.

Which not only is impossible, but is where you fail in the argument.

I may not agree with your view on sending the virus, but I can respect your decision you made based on your morals...... and at the same time, you may not agree with my view on not sending the virus, but you can not tell me without a doubt in your mind that in fact, my decision is wrong..... simply because neither you or I know for a fact what outcome would have occurred until after the fact.

Because not sending the virus was the action taken, we know the out come..... but because that action was taken, the result of sending the virus is currently unknown and is left to speculation.

At the moment of making that decision, the person making that decision must make it based on their own individual understanding and their own subjective morals.
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