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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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You are dancing around the issue. If you thought you had a sure way to end a threat to your civilization once and for all, would you not use it?
Speaking for myself, that question is too vague. If it meant the total annihilation of a culture, then no.

If the Federation was capable of provoking the Borg into sending a fleet of cubes, the Borg would have done so already. Wouldn't Janeway's actions against the Borg merit a fleet? If not, why not? You cannot get around the fact that Picard was obligated by his oath to Starfleet to protect the Federation and HE FAILED TO DO THAT! This makes Picard a coward and an accomplice to genocide to all rational human beings.
Funny... I think the US was being cowardly in dropping two bombs on civilian populated areas in Japan in order to avoid a land battle because it was the quick and easy way out without getting a little bloody..... but that's a different topic.

Picard was not only obligated by his oath to Starfleet to protect the Federation, he was also obligated to uphold the Prime Directive, which meant he couldn't willingly turn a sentient being into a weapon to wipe out the rest of his culture, people and way of life.

It's the Federation we're talking about here, not Cardassians.

In episodes "Homefront" and "Paradise Lost" for DS9, they clearly touch on the aspect of what happens when Starfleet & Federation abandoned their principles for the sheer sake of being "Safe & Secure."

When you abandon your principles and everything that you believe in, just to protect your principles and everything that you believe in, you already lost.

Just look at the whole middle east thing right now. We're told that the Taliban and Al'Q hate our way of life and wish to destroy it..... people over the years became afraid and paranoid to the point where they allowed certain countries to remove certain rights and freedoms our cultures were based upon. Then those captured by the west are sent to secret torture facilities, held for years without charge, all their basic rights are removed and otherwise treated like animals.

Some would argue that because they don't believe in our way of life and wish to destroy it, they don't deserve the proper legal proceedings, rights protections, etc. we all take for granted. Some would also say that in order to defeat them, in order to protect our existing way of life, that we need to abandon some of our principles and way of life.

AKA: We begin to stoop to their level in order to fight them.

Exactly what message is that giving off?

It's stating that our way of life, our freedoms, our principles are too weak and ineffective to stand on their own and win..... thus when we abandon our way of life, we in turn prove to these clowns that they're right about our way of life and when we remove our rights, freedoms and laws to be applied to every human being..... they didn't directly destroy our way of life and our freedoms.... our own fear did.
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