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Re: Official Final Typhon Pact blurbs

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But the intensity with which The Big Boys promoted the idea of the UFP being "neighbors" with the Pact, for me, sent up a red flag that eveyone was covering for something. Lo and behold...
That observation is wrong on every possible level. First of all, I'm not "The Big Boys." I'm a freelance author speaking only for myself, an author who happened to be aware of some of the early development process of this miniseries, not to mention what was already published in A Singular Destiny, making it clear that those people who stereotyped the six Pact members as unremittingly hostile were simply wrong. ASD made it quite explicit that the Pact as a whole halted the independent aggressive acts of the Kinshaya and Tholians, so anyone who thought that the entire Pact was out to invade or destroy the UFP was grossly misreading what was already there.

Second, for the three hundredth time, I never said there would be no tensions or conflicts with the Pact. I just said they would be more complex and subtle than just another war or invasion, and that the Pact itself was too complex and multifaceted to dumb down to just another Evil Empire. I wasn't saying the books would be peaceful, just that they wouldn't be anything as boring and repetitive as another war story. I said there was the potential for the Pact to evolve into a neighbor with whom stable relations were possible, but I also said, over and over again, that there was also the potential for the Pact to develop in a more negative way. That was the complexity that made the situation so interesting and challenging. If I did stress the positive potentials disproportionately, it was only to counter other people's kneejerk assumptions that only the negative potentials existed. I was trying to point out that they were both present.

Third, as I already pointed out before, the blurbs as posted reinforce my point rather than contradicting it. One describes a Cold War espionage mission. One describes a competition over technology, something that would go under the category of economic competition. One describes the two factions of Romulans clashing with their respective allies apparently playing a peripheral role. None of them depicts the Pact as a single monolithic enemy fighting a shooting war with the Federation. They depict the Pact as several distinct factions with distinct agendas and portray a wide range of different types of crisis and competition. That is exactly what I said would be the case all along.

Fourth: I'm not a liar. If I have a secret to keep, I just won't say anything. At most, I may say something ambiguous enough to be misleading. But I don't lie outright, because that would be a scummy thing to do. Not to mention the fact that, as established in the previous paragraph, nothing I said before was actually untrue.

So you couldn't be more totally off-base about this.
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