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Re: Official Final Typhon Pact blurbs

And I hardly think anyone really proposed that it would be war, per se. It's a given that after the Borg, another war would obliterate most of the major powers--particularly the UFP.

But the intensity with which The Big Boys promoted the idea of the UFP being "neighbors" with the Pact, for me, sent up a red flag that eveyone was covering for something. Lo and behold...

But the point is, the cryptic silence setting me on edge once again. Maybe it's just nerves--but as you all said, we'll find out at Shore Leave.

Okay. Next:

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The zero sum game in Zero Sum Game could be a reference to the Federation/Pact standoff and/or the Breen having stolen the Slipstream hence the spec ops mission to destroy it.

The Bashir/Sarina relationship will be interesting to see I think. I always liked her character and thought that she'd be a great fit for the good Doctor.
Maybe...but I'd always thought that Bashir's crush on her was simply out of desperation--out of a desire to be lonely no longer. He projected the idea of romance onto a girl who had only just joined the outside world. He himself said as much.

Ezri has grown so much as a person these past years, I think getting back into it with Julian would be a step backwards.
You're saying that her leaving him was en example of her maturing?

I'd say it was to the contrary. Her conflicts with him over the relaunch were out of a decidedly immature "My ideas are right, and how dare Julian question that?"

Her claim in Unjoined that maybe their feelings were all a fake--that it was just a by-product of Jadzia--was, to me, just a subconcious excuse to sidestep the fact that she was shoving him aside, taking him for granted, and so on.

To the contrary--Ezri "wising up" to her problem, and making things right with Julian, would be a MAJOR step forward.

IMANSHO, of course.

That said, I'm not 100% opposed to it if done right... and with David Mack on the case I can say for sure that it'll be done right no matter the relationship outcomes (at least IMO - link back to the Mack Appreciation Thread
Oh, not just your opinion. Mack's treatment of the new Captain Ezri Dax was just supremely AWESOME!

Although...I do have something to say about his having her occasionally engage in...shall I say...more colorful metaphors.

"Lonnoc, what I need you to do is get your back on the bridge," and so forth.

Sorry, but...of all the characters on Trek...I never thought Ezri capable of profanity. She never did it on the show, so...

(I know--Spock never cursed, until TVH--and that was the point. He was expirimenting, and it was funny. Maybe...)
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