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Re: Official Final Typhon Pact blurbs

And what I've been saying about the Typhon Pact all along was not that it would be all hunky-dory, which would obviously be an absurd proposition because then there'd be no story, but that it would be a more complicated situation than Yet Another Evil Empire Bent On Annihilating Us All. That complexity, as I've said many times, gives the situation the potential to go either way. The Typhon Pact could evolve in a benevolent direction or a more negative one, and it's the events of the next few years of story time that may determine which path history takes. Which is why it's a huge mistake to assume that the Typhon Pact is simply going to be a bunch of eeevilll moustache-twirlers out to destroy the UFP. There are many, many possible sources of crisis and conflict here, not just wars and invasions. That's the point I've been trying to make -- not that there wouldn't be conflict, but that some people were being way too simplistic in their assumptions about what kinds of conflict could occur.

Star Trek, with a few exceptions, has not historically been a franchise about war. It's mostly been about seeking, and usually finding, alternatives to war. So it's always been bewildering to me that some people have been expecting this to be just another war story.
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