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Re: Official Final Typhon Pact blurbs

Rush Limborg wrote:
On a last note...I tend to be weary when the writers tend to "discourage without denouncing" a certain theory on the future novels. To wit: I and others were wondering if the tensions between the Allies and the Typhon Pact would lead to outbreaks of conflict--battles, etc. As I recall, the writers were all trying to downplay that with "Oh, don't you think you've had enough of war?" even though that wasn't QUITE what I was talking about....

And now we find, lo and behold, that it IS a Cold War, with espianoge, sabotage, and military build-ups, and other close calls!
Uh, not quite right.

In fact, the term "cold war" and anything/everything the term implied was used pretty much from the beginning as a comparison. What folks were trying to say (and kept getting run over) was that this was not going to be another all-out war, ala the Dominion War, the Borg invasion, etc.

Of course, I didn't say much at all, so......


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