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Re: Official Final Typhon Pact blurbs

Just keep in mind that this is 5 years after the end of their relationship, which (I don't think) lasted even a year.
It lasted longer than Julian/Sarina, I can tell you that.

And hey--the first Troi/Riker romance didn't last that long--and yet look how they ended up!

But anyhow--it suddenly occured me: "Wait a minute--the title is Zero Sum Game! In a "zero sum game", someone wins, and someone loses. Therefore...if a major focus is going to be on Bashir's (alleged) feelings for Sarina...and this is a zero sum game...that indicates a triangle is coming!"

And...if that is where Mr. Mack's taking it--there is precedent. If you remember in "Chrysalis", Sarina goes back to her catatonic state, and Bashir discusses his struggle to find out what's wrong with her...with Ezri.

My point is, at the end of the scene, where Julian is trying to talk to Sarina, and get through to can see Ezri in the background, watching them. You can't see her reaction--the background is blurred for effect--but I should think that leaves a lot of room open for interperetation.

Personally, I doubt that there relationship will play to big a role in the story,since they hopefully would have resolved any major issues by then.
Considering how completely...unfounded...her justification was for the break-up in the first place*...something tells me that Ezri, at least, shoved that into the back of her mind. Again, much as Deanna and Will did.

On a last note...I tend to be weary when the writers tend to "discourage without denouncing" a certain theory on the future novels. To wit: I and others were wondering if the tensions between the Allies and the Typhon Pact would lead to outbreaks of conflict--battles, etc. As I recall, the writers were all trying to downplay that with "Oh, don't you think you've had enough of war?" even though that wasn't QUITE what I was talking about....

And now we find, lo and behold, that it IS a Cold War, with espianoge, sabotage, and military build-ups, and other close calls!

So in other words...considering the apparent downplay of any notion of Ezri being Bahsir's real true love--as of now, anyway...that gives me some hope.

Some, but not a lot.

*Not a slam of Mike and Andy--just a passionate feeling about a creative decision made for Unjoined.
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