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Re: A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) Discussion & Grading

I'm surprised this movie isn't getting more buzz here (either good or bad)... I remember some pretty full threads when the remakes of Halloween and Friday the 13th came out.

Punky and I saw it late Saturday night and as children of the 80s and fans of the original movie we were both mightily impressed. Jackie Earl Haley nailed the part, and the whole package of acting/writing/directing/etc. went the distance in making Freddy scary again (instead of the parody of himself that the character had become in the original series). I liked the blurry and sometimes disorienting cinematography during the dream sequences and found myself commenting more than once that the backgrounds in my dreamscapes are similarly vague.

My only "issue" was with the prominence of the boiler room in the forced nightmares... in the original Freddy lived in a school boiler room so that was as much a part of his "world" as the dreamscape, but this time I think the only real link to it was was it was just where Freddy died. I suppose they were going for poetic justice of some sort with Freddy dragging his victims there but it seemed a little like the setting was just shoehorned in there just because it was part of the original mythos. Wasn't a real biggie to me, though.

The only thing I really wish they had done was to deepen Haley's voice in post production (as post-burn Freddy) like used to be done with Englund's.

A damn good film that kept us on the edge of our seats throughout and left us entertained. We can't wait to own this on DVD.
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