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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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If the Federation was capable of provoking the Borg into sending a fleet of cubes, the Borg would have done so already.
PRECISELY, which shows that the Borg never thought of them as worthy of a fleet and thus left them alone most of the time. Best to NOT provoke them into a REAL attack when in that situation.

You cannot get around the fact that Picard was obligated by his oath to Starfleet to protect the Federation and HE FAILED TO DO THAT! This makes Picard a coward and an accomplice to genocide to all rational human beings.
No, it makes him an intelligent man who didn't provoke one of their greatest enemies into invading and destroying the Federation with a weapon that wasn't even totally confirmed as effective. All they had to go by were computer simulation and silly "I think this will work" rhetoric.
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