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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

How were those 100,000 people more a threat? They never said
THAT'S RIGHT! They never said those 100,000 people were more of a threat, YOU ASSUMED THEY WERE A THREAT TO THE BORG WITHOUT EVIDENCE!

Also, why didn't the Borg attack the Federation en masse when Voyager developed a weapon to defeat Species 8472? Species 8472 could destroy a Borg cube with a single shot, yet Voyager found a way to defeat them. For all the Borg knew, the Federation could develop similar weapons against them. Would that not move them up on the Borg threat level?

The burden of proof is on you Anwar, you claim that the weapon would not have worked (even though Picard thought the weapon would work, what makes you think you know more about the Borg than Picard?) and that the Borg would have been antagonized into sending a "real attack". You have yet to prove your claims. You refuse to see the obvious: When you have no doubt on the effectiveness of a weapon designed to kill an enemy that is hell-bent on the destruction of your civilization, YOU ARE MORALLY OBLIGATED TO USE IT! It is as simple as that, PICARD WAS WRONG.
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