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Out in 2011 - Star Trek: A Choice of Catastrophes

Next year's schedule is already promising to be a great year for Trek books. Let's hope this announcement doesn't change that...

Steve Mollmann and I will be writing A Choice of Catastrophes, out later in 2011. It is a TOS novel, with lots of McCoy goodness and an equal focus on the other main characters as well as a select number of minor characters, both from the TV series and original creations.

It will feature a strange new alien race, a survey mission gone awry, a dangerous space phenomenon, doctors, nurses, Scottish curses, a specific number of Enterprise shuttles, and Kirk's flying wig.

On second thought, probably not the wig. (It really deserves a novel of its own.)

Anyroad. The beans have been spilled, and we hope you like them.
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Out now: Star Trek: A Choice of Catastrophes
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