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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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Everyone in the Federation, and likely the Alpha Quadrant.
How do you know? You have no proof.
They never launched a REAL invasion. They were never provoked into doing so.

Why do you think the Borg wouldn't be antagonized? Where is your proof?
They never attacked the Federation.

Wouldn't blowing up one of their ships warrant at least two cubes if the Borg could be antagonized? What proof do you have?
They didn't send two Cubes to Earth immediately after BOBW when they lost one, nor did they send two Cubes to Earth when they attacked again in FC.

What proof do you have that a planet of 100,000 people is more of a threat to the Borg than the Federation?
They launched a REAL invasion, compared to the one Cube attacks on the Feds. Proof in and of itself.

All she did was blow up one Unimatrix and kill some of them, not all of them. That virus wasn't supposed to do anything but kill the local area Borg.
What proof do you have of this?[/quote]

They never said that the Borg were all destroyed, just that one Unimatrix getting blown up.

You keep making these assertions without any facts to back them up.
Like you claim that Picard killed billions directly, when no one died at all?

Your position is getting shakier and shakier. How would a planet of 100,000 people be more of a threat than the Federation? If you want anyone to take you seriously, YOU MUST GIVE EVIDENCE!
The evidence was right there: They got attacked by multiple Cubes while the Feds only ever got one. That's proof in and of itself.
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