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Re: Wearing Starfleet Uniform Out in Public - Help

Thanks everyone for your recommendations. I feel better and more confident about going out in public wearing my Starfleet uniform. It's a really nice one too. I paid around $300 for it and now I'm broke.

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In the unlikely event that this is a real question, my advice is just to wear it in public in situations in which a costume would be appropriate, such as a Halloween party or something. The fact that you're talking about carrying a phaser to show you "mean business" tells me that the thread is a joke.
Well, the phaser part was an attempt at humor but I am serious about what a general public response would be to some nerd walking into a grocery store and such dressed like Picard.

My mental heath is functioning within normal parameters but I am seriously lacking a "social" life and for me Star Trek has filled that void.
You mention that Star Trek has filled the void of lacking a social life. Just a suggestion, but Star Trek could be used as a way to enhance a social life. For example, there are a lot of nice people here on the boards, and elsewhere who share the same interest. Perhaps a meet up, if there are others here in your city. There are fan clubs, conventions, etc. My best friend and I met in 1986 at a sci-fi convention. Just a thought.

I once did go to a Sci Fi/Linux convention but I was so dorky and socially awkward that people like the dude in the Tux Starfleet costume were like "NERD!!!!!"

Somehow I manage to turn any social situation into something unbearably awkward.
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