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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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Killing the founders will still let you with a large and angry Jem'hadar army in the Alpha Quadrant.
As I said...the Jem'Hadar forces were on the brink of defeat in the finale.

Managing to defeat the Alpha Quadrant Dominion will leave the main Dominion unable to strike for decades. This is NOT a perfect solution? Well, don't expect perfect solutions from genocide.
And yet it is the EXACT same scenario I propose--EXCEPT for the fact that there are no Founders after the "genocide".

The Vorta/Jem'hadar killing themselves insted of taking revenge in an unending Jihad is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY.
Then why didn't they take revenge on Sisko and the others when that Founder DID die?

Creating LARGE NUMBERS of Jem'hadar/building ships takes resources and time - they don't appear out of thin air.
And again, the scenario is the same--the Dominion forces would only come from the Gamma Quadrant.

Yet again, you prove that responding to you is a waste of timme - the arguments you presented here were also refuted by me in that ~"genocide" thread:
Eh, no. In fact, quite the opposite. But now, as then, we could type until our fingers fall off, debating which one isn't responding properly. Doing so comes across as rather I won't.
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