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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

Rush Limborg
Yet again, you prove that responding to you is a waste of timme - the arguments you presented here were also refuted by me in that ~"genocide" thread:

Killing the founders will still let you with a large and angry Jem'hadar army in the Alpha Quadrant.
Managing to defeat the Alpha Quadrant Dominion will leave the main Dominion unable to strike for decades. This is NOT a perfect solution? Well, don't expect perfect solutions from genocide.

The Vorta/Jem'hadar killing themselves insted of taking revenge in an unending Jihad is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY.

Creating LARGE NUMBERS of Jem'hadar/building ships takes resources and time - they don't appear out of thin air.

Edit - about Hartzilla2007's argument:
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