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Re: Wearing Starfleet Uniform Out in Public - Help

Kelso wrote: View Post
The tattoo isn't even necessary. Google "Star Trek body paint".
Body paint comes off in the shower, even all-weather paint will come off after a few years, and it cracks in the underarm region after only a few days. The full body tattoo should last a good bit longer, and it has the bonus of killing any possibility of reproduction.

plynch wrote: View Post
An acquaintance of mine wore one a bit as a student at his community college. It went o.k. for him. Opened up discussions. Nobody came close to violence. He has a significant other, by the way, for those of you joking about that. She is a lovely person, not really into Trek, but she thought it was neat he wore something for a reason rather than being a mindless consumer sheep sporting some prominent clothing brand or sports team logo.
Yes, instead he bought a uniform from an overly commercialised television show which became so big that it stopped being a show and it became a franchise. A franchise full of overpriced merchandise, such as novelty mugs, Captain Picard mouse-mats, and fictional uniforms.
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