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Re: Wearing Starfleet Uniform Out in Public - Help

An acquaintance of mine wore one a bit as a student at his community college. It went o.k. for him. Opened up discussions. Nobody came close to violence. He has a significant other, by the way, for those of you joking about that. She is a lovely person, not really into Trek, but she thought it was neat he wore something for a reason rather than being a mindless consumer sheep sporting some prominent clothing brand or sports team logo.

I think you all are too sensitive about being thought weird and are trying to build a hedge around all Trekkers by discouraging behavior you think will cause others to think we're all weird. Let it go. People are gonna think what they think about us regardless if STTNG wears a uni.

Someone above recommended a uni/costume wearer needs his or her mental health checked. I'd agree IFF he/she actually thought he/she were actually in Starfleet. As to compensating for subconscious stuff, we all do that in different ways, now, don't we?

Back to the OP, you'll probably be fine. It could conceivably hold back your options in life a bit. Don't wear it to a job interview. Be well.
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