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Re: Is there a series that I have missed?

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Friday the 13th: The Series

Ft13th is also an extremely underrated show. I consider it horrors answer to TNG.
I agree. It tends to get lost in the mix but it is a really solid horror/drama series although I almost get the feeling Eric Kripke of Supernatural must have watched it as a kid since it conjures up some similiarities. The cast was great, Micki/Ryan/Jack were all likeable with the kind of family chemistry/dynamic that I see in Legend of the Seeker, the premise was interesting and that car was just so cool and Robey was hot. The first two seasons were consistently good and while the third wasn't as great it was still decent--too bad it never received a proper finale. It did atmosphere very well, it was always creepy and despite its supernatural fantastical elements it still sold its drama with conviction never coming off campy or corny.

I tried finding it on DVD but so far I've only seen it crop on SyFy during an all day marathon so I just DVRed those episodes.
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