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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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Your post demonstrates you didn't bother to read most of my posts in the ~"Is genocide justified" thread.

So, you assume I haven't read your thread...just because I didn't reply the way you wanted to?
You prove you don't read the posts because you ask questions that I have already answered.
One recent example - in the DS9 thread, you didn't read the threads I mentioned and, 2 posts later, you were complaining I didn't provided them.

As for the Founder genocide - I already refuted your argument, Rush Limborg - multiple times. But you just kept repeating your tune, oblivious - you remind me of Anwar:

The founders had little involment in the administration of the Dominion/the leadership of Jem'hadar. The Vorta did thiese things most of the time.
Killing all the founders would only have made the Vorta/Jem'hadar, angrier, more determined. They would have never stopped coming for the Federation - NEVER. If it takes hundreds of years, they would still come.

As for defeating the Alpha Quadrant Jem'hadar expeditionary force - replenishing ships and jem'hadar takes time and resources - and it can only be done in the gamma quadrant. The founders could not have sent anything to the Federation for decades.
At least some positive result - unlike killing the founders.
Yeah, yeah, yeah keep going on about how it is moral to kill what is basically a brainwashed army of slaves, but if you wipe out an enemy that is trying its damnest to kill you of it's own free will you're an amoral piece of garbage
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