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Re: Is there a series that I have missed?

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Alright, so I haven't been able to reply to you guys yet, but I appreciate the answers and will be looking into most of em!

To follow up I'm compiling a list of the suggestions plus eventual comments/questions.

  • Doctor Who - Are we talking from the sixties or the new one? Or maybe all three(?).
  • Buffy - Won't touch that Did actually watch buffy a long time ago but not my stuff anymore. Same goes for dark angel which I never liked.
  • Blake's 7 - Seems nice. I'll definitely look into that.
  • Alien nation - Hmm, well. I'll take a look at the pilot.
  • Space Cops - Awesome name (!!), 'nuff said! )
  • Red Dwarf - Well, I'll take a look some day x)
  • RedVsBlue - Well... (A) Though hilarious, not really what I was looking for.
  • Animated stuff - Definitely comes last on my last to check up. But I'll get there, one day.
  • Lost - Did watch the first season. Got bored by unlimited amount of cliffhangers. I'm not really a fast-paced guy.
  • 4400 - Hmm... nope!
  • Space Above & Beyond - Seems awesome!
  • Stargate Atlantis - Hated that series. In my opinion abysmal compared to SG1.
  • Quantum Leap - Not what I was after but I am still intrigued. Could be a gem!
  • Stargate Universe - I've been interested since I knew about it. However, I can't stand waiting a week for the next episode and then moths for the next season. Will be checking out when it is all finished and boxed!
  • Space 1999 - Haha, read the pilot plot. Won't be trying it right away but it could be nice!
  • Original BG - I'll try it, will a lot be spoiled for me though or are the new series mostly new stuff?
  • Buck Rogers - Seems a bit ehm... I'll get to the pilot some day!
  • Earth: Final Conflict - A must try for me!
  • V - Intrigued, nice tip.
  • Caprica - How is it? Just a bag full of soap or is there a reason to watch? I've heard bad stuff about it :\
  • Earth 2 - Never heard of but I'm interested already.
  • Andromeda - This actually was next on my "try out" list.
  • SeaQuest - Watched when I was young. My memory of it is that it were... less good. But I'll try it someday.

Again, thank you for taking your time providing suggestions. I appreciate it!
How about:

The Twilight Zone
War of the Worlds
Friday the 13th: The Series
Batman: The Animated Series

They're all shows I love to death. WotW first season is the only one available on DVD but it's also the only season worth watching. Sliders stays consistently good until the third season and then becomes terrible from the fourth season on. Twilight Zone is altogether perfect as is Batman. Ft13th is also an extremely underrated show. I consider it horrors answer to TNG.
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