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Famous Last Words:

"We'll have all day Sunday to shoot the fight scene."

I am - there's no way around it - in the early stages of geezerhood. By 12:00 midnight last night I was dead on my feet. And given my inexperience as a director, among other shortcomings, I'm probably the least qualified person in the room to direct a fight scene. This would be the "fight scene," above, which had been carefully scheduled to start shooting about ten hours earlier. God is just not interested in the intended schedules of directors.

DS9Sega saved the schedule by stepping in and directing it. Working with our Director of Photography Alex, the actors and crew hammered through the scene, which was choreographed by our actor Garrett Melich ("Gaitanis"), in about an hour. One pick-up with Garrett after that, we wrapped the Indian Head shoot around 1:00 AM this morning.

Garrett is a joy to work with - funny, thoughtful and endlessly patient - and although he's a scary effective villain he makes the character impossible to dislike - IMO, anyway.

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