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Re: Is there a series that I have missed?

Alright, so I haven't been able to reply to you guys yet, but I appreciate the answers and will be looking into most of em! :)

To follow up I'm compiling a list of the suggestions plus eventual comments/questions.

  • Doctor Who - Are we talking from the sixties or the new one? Or maybe all three(?).
  • Buffy - Won't touch that ;) Did actually watch buffy a long time ago but not my stuff anymore. Same goes for dark angel which I never liked.
  • Blake's 7 - Seems nice. I'll definitely look into that.
  • Alien nation - Hmm, well. I'll take a look at the pilot. ;)
  • Space Cops - Awesome name (!!), 'nuff said! :))
  • Red Dwarf - Well, I'll take a look some day x)
  • RedVsBlue - Well... (A) Though hilarious, not really what I was looking for. :)
  • Animated stuff - Definitely comes last on my last to check up. But I'll get there, one day.
  • Lost - Did watch the first season. Got bored by unlimited amount of cliffhangers. I'm not really a fast-paced guy.
  • 4400 - Hmm... nope! :)
  • Space Above & Beyond - Seems awesome!
  • Stargate Atlantis - Hated that series. In my opinion abysmal compared to SG1.
  • Quantum Leap - Not what I was after but I am still intrigued. Could be a gem! :)
  • Stargate Universe - I've been interested since I knew about it. However, I can't stand waiting a week for the next episode and then moths for the next season. Will be checking out when it is all finished and boxed! :)
  • Space 1999 - Haha, read the pilot plot. Won't be trying it right away but it could be nice!
  • Original BG - I'll try it, will a lot be spoiled for me though or are the new series mostly new stuff?
  • Buck Rogers - Seems a bit ehm... I'll get to the pilot some day! ;)
  • Earth: Final Conflict - A must try for me! :)
  • V - Intrigued, nice tip. :)
  • Caprica - How is it? Just a bag full of soap or is there a reason to watch? I've heard bad stuff about it :\
  • Earth 2 - Never heard of but I'm interested already.
  • Andromeda - This actually was next on my "try out" list.
  • SeaQuest - Watched when I was young. My memory of it is that it were... less good. But I'll try it someday.

Again, thank you for taking your time providing suggestions. I appreciate it! :)
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