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You ask...
"where are some of your favorite episodes of Trek"...
May I presume you were referring to all Series ?
If that is the case, I would have difficulty in differentiating, many episodes in all (TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT) of them, could qualify. I generally don't like those which one Character takes over the Plot, for instance...
In TNG/4/5 Remember Me, the majority of the episode was focused on a single character (Dr. Crusher/McFadden). I like to see a variety of characters participate, so, ones like that are less "favorite". Additionally, I don't like "provocateurs" like Seska and Q very much, IMHO they just mess up things !

"You're way of presentation is really out of left field"...
Yes it is !, I'm sure that if any of we (Authors) were to really evaluate his introspection of his personality as relates to Trek, one would find that there are many "unique" points of view. Recall please my statement in a earlier post, where I was a bit reluctant to present this avenue of FanFic. However, nothing would please me more, if I, in some way, was a catalyst, for some new Series, where a different View Point concerning Trek was made into a Series. But that is obvious, considering how volumous this Topic is, with Threads of those view points.

"what kind of fan are you"...
Avid, would be putting it mildly. Though I do not Costume, nor have I ever been to a Convention, there are few episodes of any of the Series aired these days, which escape my Recorders ! I have both OTA (Antenna for Local Ch's) and Comcast, to select from. Each Sunday I view the TV Guide and then back it up with a thorough look at Titan TV for episodes of ANY of the Trek which might show that week, and then schedule them for recording. Additionally, it doesn't matter how many times I've seen that episode before, i watch them again, and again, and again.
I just can't get enough of Trek.

Have a good Day !
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