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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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Rush Limborg:

I answered your question PAGES ago.
Do you EVER read the responses to your posts? Apparently, responding to you is a waste of time:
Yes...I did.

And to be honest, I have spent quite a while going over what the fact that it's all fiction has to do with anything......and I still can't figure it out!

What I do that the Dominion is also fictional--and therefore, your claim to my issue's irrelevancy, due to said fictional status of the Borg, is invalid.

So...once again, we are back to square one. The Dominion is fictional, just as the Borg is fictional.

Once again...what makes genocide against the Borg (which is fictional) practical and moral (due to the prevention of the future slaughtering of innocent lives by the Borg), when you have previously stated that genocide against the Dominon (which is ALSO fictional) is impractical--because the ability to commit genocide presupposes, in your view, the ability to defeat the Dominion without genocide--and immoral, despite the similar prevention of the future slaughtering of innocent lives by the Dominion?
"Yes...I did."
Doubtful. Your post demonstrates you didn't bother to read most of my posts in the ~"Is genocide justified" thread.

First - commiting genocide against non-combatants (such as the founders or Hiroshima/Nagasaki) is ALWAYS wrong - immoral, useless, unnecessary.
If the enemy (his army which you haven't touched) is stronger than you, he'll make you pay dearly for your crime - in blood.
If the enemy is far weaker than you - your genocide us completely gratuitous - you have many other optionns to deal with said enemy.

Second - what about an enemy army?
If this enemy army attacks you with genocidal intentions (such as the borg or Alpha Quadrant jem'hadar) you have the right to defend yourself by any means necessary.

If you're far stronger than the enemy army - such as, you can defeat them any time you want - eliminating this army is wrong simply because you have other realistic options for dealing with it.
The federation was not in this position with the borg. On the contrary. Starfleet was far inferior to the borg - there was no other realistic option to subdue the collective. The paradox was the federation's - and BILLIONS other beings' - ticket out of the grave. It was the only option to stop the collective, a genocidal army that continuously killed. It should have been used.
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