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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

Billions saved? Who was saved by Picard's cowardly decision? You say the virus could have somehow antagonized the Borg into launching a full invasion of the Federation but what is your proof? Don't you think the Borg would have been equally "antagonized" by the fact that the Federation could even conceive of such a virus? If you want to look at the big picture, why didn't the Borg send more cubes than they did in STFC? They sent a fleet of cubes to assimilate one planet of only 100,000 people, do you think they rate more of a threat to the Borg than a Federation of thousands of warships? Also, that Janeway did a lot to "antagonize" the Borg, why didn't the Borg send a fleet to subdue the Federation then?

In the end, maybe the entire argument is academic, Admiral Janeway did what Picard should have done and released a virus that effectively crippled the Borg, if not outright killed them off. She did the right thing, Picard didn't. THE BORG ARE WITHOUT MERCY, THEY DO NOT CARE IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE ASSIMILATED! Many people would rather be dead than assimilated, or at least that is what Picard thought. Also, just because I Borg refutes your main argument does not make it a bad episode.
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